Hilda Young Child Care Center

About Hilda Young Child Care Centre

We believe ALL children are a gift and a loan from the Great Spirit. ALL children are to be shown respect and dignity. We believe through exploration, play, and experience ALL children are given a head start in Early Learning. With all positive guidance and patience each Early Childhood Educator shares with ALL children, we believe our future keepers of Mother Earth will develop encouraging minds, bodies, and spirits. We believe the child’s primary and first teachers are their parent(s)/guardian(s). Each family is unique, bringing individual values and cultural teachings. We believe the community acts as the final piece in the development and supportive care of the WHOLE CHILD. 

Our Programs

Infant Program: 3 months to 18 months of age 

Toddler Program: 18 months to 3 ½ of age 

Preschool Program: 3 ½ to 5 years of age 

Aboriginal Head Start Program: Infants to 4 years old

Our programs provide the following activities daily: 

  • Culturally relevant programming: native stories, pow-wows, Cree language, cooking, and games 
  • Arts and crafts for parent(s) & children 
  • Pre-planned staff directed circle times based on themes 
  • Parent(s) training 
  • Nutritious snacks and hot lunch served 
  • Field trips for children 
  • Child/Parent(s) activities 
  • Indoor physical activities 
  • Child directed activities 
  • Language development, dental assessments, Cree immersion curriculum. 
  • Seasonal Feasts 

Hilda Young Aboriginal Head Start Program on Reserve

  • This free program open to all families is 100% involvement – where the parent/caregiver attends with the child(ren).
  • Children in AHS take part in activities that encourage a love of learning, establish positive health and wellness habits, and boost children’s self-confidence through connections to their language, community, and culture. These are crucial elements of resilience, and their presence improves Indigenous peoples’ ability to thrive and be healthy.
  • We have morning and afternoon classes, we provide transportation, snack, go picking traditional medicines, smudge, we supply supplies for new projects for the months and we have a year celebration for our families.
  • We follow the 6 components: education, health nutrition, culture and language, nutrition, social support, parental family involvement.
  • AHS also supports parents, families, and community members in being the most important teachers in a child’s life. It builds relationships with other community programs and services so that children get the best care.
  • This a free program for all families looking forward to meeting new people, making hot nutritious meals, snacks, learning a new hobby, learning to sew, use a sewing machine, attend workshops, learn the basic of living on your own, etc.

Children – our future leaders” 

awasesak ke nekanemenawak 


The Hilda Young Child Care Centre seek to provide a High-Quality Early Learning and Child Care Program that focus on the needs of the community’s children development, regardless of their physical, emotional, or intellectual abilities. We embrace inclusion, diversity, and unity as a way to foster the well-being of community. The activities and programs offered to the children are geared to incorporating school readiness skills, cultural awareness, and pride.

Contact Us

90 Waller Road 
Box 10880 
R0B 2J0 

Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday except statutory holidays

Telephone: (204) 627-7090 
Fax: (204) 623-1646 

Cheryln Constant, Executive Director

Teri Lathlin, Front desk